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Alpha Millennia Technology offers a whole suite solutions (full stack) for insurance companies, brokers and affinity partners.

Our AlphaAssurance infrastructure supports both traditional model and the digital model. We also support both traditional insurance products as well as new and innovative insurance products (e.g., telematics insurance, parametric insurance, ESG insurance and digital asset insurance)

Alpha Dashboard

Our Alpha Dashboard allows insurers and affinity partners to pull data directly from backend system to produce real time exposure report seamlessly (e.g., sales, volumes, claims, expenses, etc)


Alpha Transformer

Alpha Transformer offers open UI and open API to any partners. The powerful mid office helps to integrate front-end data with any existing core system that is available in the market or business partners (e.g., car dealers, workshops)

Alpha Factory

Insurers can use Alpha Factory to design insurance solutions with ease. We emphasize on user experience to create innovative insurance products faster to market via our graphical user interface. With a simple drag and drop user interface, it is now easier to configure the insurance product component that is visually shown all in one single screen.

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