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Alpha Millennia Technology (AMT) was founded in 2021. We specialise in building full stack technology infrastructure and IoT applications in insurance and financial industries to provide integrated technology solutions to financial institutions, enterprises, affinity partners, SMEs and micro-SMEs.


Powered with 3rd Gen microservice architecture, low/no-code environment and IoT capabilities, AMT aims to revolutionise traditional businesses, simplifying tedious processes, enhancing customer experience and fundamentally redefining the engagement and relationships in the supply-demand value chain between enterprises, intermediaries and their customers.


In our short inception, we have received recognition from local governmental institutions regarding our push to green, sustainable innovative solutions in the rural banking and micro-sme landscape in Indonesia. AMT is also one of the short-listed companies to receive nomination for the best innovative start-up from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government for the 2022 year.

Currently, our solutions are being used by many Cooperatives in Indonesia for the Financing Module and Insurance companies for the AlphaInsurance Module in various countries in Southeast Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore.


With offices in Singapore and Indonesia, we serve the Asia Pacific region including renowned insurance companies, financial institutions, co-operatives and multi Finance institutions.

Green Valley


We set to pave the way to simplify insurance from just “products” to “services” that is affordable, accessible, customisable and invisible to the customers worldwide connected through the day-to-day commercial supply chain networks and community ecosystems.


We want to revolutionise the traditional and non-digital industries by being the building block by empowering today’s innovation, towards a greener tomorrow

Green Indoors
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