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The technology powerhouse for Insurance & Financial Services

Revolutionise your financial services business today

Low Code/No Code 

IoT Application

Plug & Play based on Microservices Architecture

Made for Insurance, Brokerage, Multi-Financing, Rural Banking Cooperatives

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What We Do

As a technology company we specialise in building full stack technology infrastructure and IoT applications for the insurance & financial services industries to provide an integrated technology ecosystem 

Insurance of the future 

A bite-sized, fungible, tradable instrument

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Why Choose Us

Strong Founders' Team

A strong founders’ team over 100 years of combined insurance experience in different parts of Asia, who are insurance specialists themselves including actuaries, risk managers, underwriters, brokers, information technology professionals and ex-CEO of insurance companies.

Extensive Network

Our team’s relationships and networks go beyond insurance sector (e.g., automobile, logistics, e-commerce, finance, healthcare and agriculture) and able to connect insurance use cases with different communities and commercial ecosystems.

Deep Understanding of the Industry

Deep understanding of the pain points in the traditional insurance value chain as well as the gaps and limitations of the existing insurance core systems available in the market.

Experienced Advisor Service

Our business advisory spans across multiple industries from banking, insurance, technology and trade. 



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    Ya. Kami memang memiliki penawaran standar yang bersifat umum. Kami juga menawarkan opsi yang disesuaikan.
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